Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Corp

So like I mentioned I have rejoined my corp 'The Mabinogion', fancied getting back into the Merc/War Dec high sec PvP.  Don't get me wrong I still PvP in other parts of the Eve-iverse, I just thought it would be a nice change of pace.

Until recently I had been in RvB, if you haven't heard of them they are two corps constantly at war and you join one or the other and just fight.  I left partly due to the fights being only in 1-3 systems around the HQ but mostly because I was bored at work and had a go at making a banner for my corp.  I was that happy with it I decided to fly under the banner of the Mabinogion again.

Here it is.

Not terribly original I know but I was happy with it.  Sort of trying to play on the Welsh in the corp name and ticker (Powys).

So on to last night, as I had only just rejoined there wasn't much I could do in the way of wardecs due to the 48hr timer so I decided to go scout round for targets in the local high sec area whilst picking up some mods and blueprints I had scattered around from the last time I lived in Caldari space.
Now usually I do a combination of things to find good people to dec.  Most of the time I just pick a corp at random in local that has more members than mine and/or claims to be a merc corp.  This usually helps generate some willing fighters, after all you can hardly claim to be a merc corp and then not fight when decced.

Last night, however, I decided I would try something different and trolled the belts looking for cans to flip.  In my trusty shield Kestrel, I jumped into Vellaine and started warping around the belts.  Where I happened upon a Retriever and Badger in a belt with a can out, bookmarking the can, I warped off and warped back to the can.
I flipped the can, and locked the two ships up, they both warped off to a station.  I waited for a minute or two, when the retriever pilot came back in a Caracal.  Warily I started orbiting him at 8km (mainly so I could leave quickly if he was AML fit) waiting for him to agro.  Suddenly I saw the box around his ship change red as a missile slammed into my ships shields.  They were heavies, this meant two things, 1) I can to a certain extent speed tank most of the damage from heavy missiles as he hadn't webbed me and 2) Caracals have poor fitting and you have to make sacrifices to fit a tank with heavy missiles so this meant he probably had little tank.  I quickly pointed him and started orbiting with my AB on, rockets firing.  Quickly his shield was stripped and then his armor and structure. He popped.
This wasn't a great fight to be honest, one of those lots of points on the kb but not alot of skill in killing him.

I moved on to Korama, using the same method, I started rolling through the belts again.  This time happening upon two pilots in an Osprey and a Badger mining into a can.  As before I warped off and warped back to the can, flipped and locked them up.
They didn't immediately warp off, and changing their corps standings I could see they had more friends in local.  After a few moments they warped off, I waited to see if they would reship to come fight me but they came back in the same ships and the Osprey locked me up.  Checking D-scan I noticed one of there corp mates was on his way in, in a Cormorant.
He landed and locked me, red boxed.  He was shooting me in a rail Cormorant, I had however made a slight error, thinking he would be blaster fit I was using a wider orbit so took some decent shot from his rails.  Once I had tightened my orbit though, it was over.  He died.  Once again not a good fight.

A little while later I missed a kill on a Maelstrom that had been mining as I hadn't realised he had agro'd, ah well you win some and lose some.

Not a great evening, the fights weren't great and I didn't find anyone that looked particularly fun to dec.  Even the lowsec roam was cut short because I dc'd and lost all my overview settings just as I had warped towards a gang.  Didn't lose my ship but still annoying having to do all my settings again.


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