Friday, 29 July 2011

General Boredom and then a Roam

Ill be honest when I got in from work last night I wasn't in the mood for going for some big roam around the local low sec, I will need to at some point so I can get a feel for the new digs (Caldari Space).  So out of a combination of apathy and boredom, I half heartedly went can flipping. This made the boredom worse so I logged my other character in.

Like many people in EvE I have a second character. Korg Leaf.  He's mainly being used out in Curse for a bit of null/low sec PvP.  I wouldn't say he was an alt as much as I can never decide on my primary account swapping between them as much as I change my underwear.  I will say this though it is quite nice having a second character as between the two of them I can fly every sub cap in the game, minus logi, with near max skills, Gallente/Minmatar on Leaf and Caldari/Amarr on Tronix.  This makes it very nice when it comes to roaming as you can fit in with pretty much any gang (besides caps).

Turns out I had logged into a slow night in Curse, so youtube was being linked regularly in corp chat.  This 'gem' stuck out for me -

Fucking funny.

Fleet Fights

Now back to last night, so going slow, we decided to ship into shield BCs despite Korg Leaf being a very good shield BC pilot I was jonesing(?) for flying a drake so I logged Tronix back in and cloned jump done to pilot my Dual Web Drake.

So after the fleet finishes forming we set off from Utopia. We have a mixture of canes and drakes with a flycatcher to bubble, a rapier to scout and two scimitars to do scimitar type things.
I believe the whole point of the roam was to head toward HED-GP to see if we could start something but we got as far as the Jamunda gate when our scout reported a Red Overlord Dram, Sabre and two Scimitars on the 1P gate in Jamunda.  They of course bubbled him and started shooting so he let them all agro and jumped through only to get caught by their actual gang on the otherside.

Now you have to wonder how he was caught, as I understand it they had assigned all of their drones to the dramiel pilot and he managed a decloak. Unfortunate.

Not to be deterred however we jumped in and warped to 1P, with the majority of there fleet agro'd on the otherside and the sabre, dramiel and two scimitars bubbled in on the Jamunda side our fleet made short work of them, the basilisk for some reason jumped in halfway through.

By this time the rest of their fleet could jump and did, I believe we had added some more bubbles to the mix just to be sure they couldn't run.  The enemy fleet would have been a larger challenge had they not made the error of agro'ing on both sides as they, originally at least, had more repping power but once the logistic ships had been cleared we made short work of their fleet. Unfortunately their Proteus and other Cynabal made it out :(.

At this point it was getting near most of our fleets bedtimes so we headed back, cutting what had started as a productive roam short.

Dumb Machariel Pilots

I have always maintained that Machariels, although very good ships, are not as overpowered as the EvE online forums would have you believe.  However this reputation does lead to some very bad pilots flying them when they shouldn't.  Last night was a shining example.

After the successful(ish) fleet earlier I went AFK to indulge in a great British past time, making a cuppa.  Once this was all done I came back to my computer only to hear that the fleet had something tackled in Doril that was making people excited.  Quickly undocking and rushing towards Doril to whore some mails, I hear its a Machariel pilot and just as I land on the Doril gate he popped (boooo!).
What makes this story funny though is this is his third Machariel he has lost to my alliance in 2 days!! Some people should not be flying those things.


p.s. I know this was quite a long post, I apologise for spelling/grammatical/general shitty sentence structure in this post.

p.p.s. After all the wait for my war dec votes to go through and I forgot to vote in any of them, Fail. Oh well another 24hr wait for me.

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