Thursday, 17 November 2011

Life in Lowsec

I am finally fully set up in my low sec home, I mean its only taken 3 months of hauling when I can be bothered and jumping my pod through high sec so that I can set up a JC somewhere other than Heimatar space.  Still that part is over, thankfully.

So on to what I have been doing with myself I suppose, I recently decided to organise a frigate tournament details of which can be found here.  Just going to be a standard 1v1 style tournament until only one man is left.....cue Highlander quote 'There can be only one!'.  Now this all sounds great but as it stands I may just run it as a massive FFA and see who comes out on top atm as I still dont have enough participants to make the round robin worthwhile.  Either way the prizes will still be the same so its no skin off my teeth, will just change how I will do the video afterwards I suppose.

I have also finally settled on a standard ship for my pvp use, the Hookbill, specifically the dual prop fit shown below.
[Caldari Navy Hookbill, Dual Prop]
Damage Control II
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core

Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner
Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I

Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket

Small Core Defence Field Extender I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

The above version is the high isk spend version, generally I have a slightly different version with a t2 web and ab and the meta 3 scram.  It is a great frigate and thanks to its MWD/web/scram combo can catch a lot of tackle frigates and ranged frigates off guard when they try to dictate range on you.  
Thanks to the Hookbills range bonus and its relatively high speed, I can dictate range on the majority of frigates meaning I can run if I need to, although I don't always remember too.  This relatively high survival rate does however lead to me making some poor decisions concerning ECM and Sabres.
It has been a very successful ship for me however with nearly 80 kills in the last month and 7 losses (2 from gate camps) giving it a very high return, for the foreseeable future I don't think I will be flying much else...well except maybe my Raptor once in a while.


Hookbill vs. Slicer........+Slicer

This was one of those amazingly unfortunate moments when everything goes right and then spectacularly craps on your lap.

I was out on a roam in my Hookbill, doing my usual circuit around to Auga/Kourmonen when jumping through a gate there was a Minnie Militia Slicer on the gate.  I held my cloak whilst I considered my options
Slicers are generally fit for kiting other frigates taking advantage of there impressive range and are generally considered one of the best at it (at least at a frigate level) due to the high dps they still produce when at range.

As he was 15km off me I knew I could catch him with surprise, I decloaked and fired up the MWD burning towards him with O/H Web and Scram, he locked and started firing with me returning the favour.
As it happens he turned out to be a brawling fit which meant I could get in close and use my relative speed to play havoc with his tracking, using my afterburner and speed advantage I got in close and started to orbit. Even with all of this the fight was going to go down to the wire, as my shield was slowly stripped away his armor began to slowly drop as well, which shocked me as Slicers are not known to have a decent buffer.  We both hit structure about the same time, but thanks to Rockets nice volley and the timing of it he popped as I hit 20% hull, as I looted though Mystical Might (A well known pilot in the militia area) decloaked in another slicer and essentially alpha'd what was left of my ship before I could jump/


Kriss Kross - Jump
On a bit of an old school hip hop kick atm

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Frigate Tournament (In Detail)

So I have mentioned that I will be organising a frigate tournament.  I have had some decent interest so far, mostly from outside my own corp which is nice.  I will list below a more in depth run down of how the frigate tournament will be organised and hopefully this will convince more people to sign up.

Firstly the Rules

  1. You HAVE to fit a point - This is a pvp tournament and as with real world pvp without a point you wont get far, and I really don't want ridiculous frigate fits that wouldnt be viable usually (i.e. Dual Rep Punishers, Webbing Wolfs etc.)
  2. There will be a designated area for which these matches take place, leaving this area forfeits the fight.  Only exception to this is if the other person has obviously violated a rule him/herself.
  3. There will be no ECM modules allowed.  Although it is a perfectly viable tactic I would prefer for competitions sake that everyone doesn't turn up in Griffin/Kitsunes and perma jams everyone.  This doesn't make for an interest competition.  ECM Drones are also not allowed for the same reason, except replace Griffin/Kitsune with Ishkur/Worm etc.
  4. All frigates are allowed (including Griffins/Kitsunes) but I reserve the right to change this rule, as I want this to be as competitive a tournament as possible.
  5. Each match will be timed, there will be a maximum of 2 minutes per fight.  If both frigates are still alive after this (well done) the fight will be declared a draw and they will have to wait until the other fights in that round are played out before being able to settle the match.  For example if you are the first fight and you draw, you will need to wait until the end of that rounds matches before replaying your match.
  6. Each pilot can use any frig they want each round, as soon as you undock for your match you cannot redock.  For example, you could use a Taranis in round 1 and then a Slicer in round 2, however you cannot undock, see what your opponent is in and then change your ship accordingly.
  7. There will be no using booster alts during the tournament, I have no problem with you faction fitting your frigates but booster alts are out of the question.  You will be fleeted with me (Korg Tronix) and your opponent during your fight, if you drop fleet prior to the fight ending you will be disqualified.

Time, Place and Date

The time and date of the tournament will be GMT (UTC) timezone between 7-12 and I will hold it over the week of the 5th to 11th of December.  The flexibility in the date is try and give a chance for the most people to take part, the timezone is because, as much as I love the people who play EvE, I live in UK and I really don't want to be up at 2 in the morning to run a frigate tourney. 

As for the location, I will hold it in the Bosboger system (4j from Rens).  This system is 1j from high sec which will make logistics for everyone taking part as easy as possible.  The high sec gate is rarely camped and the system is fairly quiet so its also unlikely we will be disturbed.

Any change to the details above I will message you in game.

And now for the fun bits

The Prizes

1st Prize - Vigilant Cruiser - The Serpentis cruiser requires Gallente and Minmatar Cruiser skills and is fitted with hybrids.  It produces a ridiculously high amount of DPS and has a web strength bonus.  Of course thats only relevant if you want to keep it, it currently sells for 300-350mil

2nd Prize - Navy Faction Cruiser of your choice - Exactly as it says, you choose a faction cruiser from 1 of the 4 empire factions.
3rd Prize - Navy Faction Frigate of your choice - Same as above but a frigate instead.

'I lol at you' Award - Navy Faction Frigate of your choice - This will be awarded to the person who comes in the most loltastic frigate and has success i.e. winning in a combat cov ops will score some major brownies with me.  WARNING - If everyone turns up in funny ships it is no longer funny.

The Footage

I would love it if everyone could fraps their fights during this tournament.  I aim to make a video with as much footage as possible contained in it.  Obviously this is subject to your computer actually being able to, I don't want anyone burning out graphics cards.

If you want to enter, eve mail me in game at 'Korg Tronix' and join the 'Frigate PVP' mailing list


Monday, 14 November 2011

Frigate Tournament

As the title may suggest I am going to run a frigate tournament.  Details as follows

More in depth details have now been posted here.

The Location

The tournament will be held in a system in Heimatar lowsec, I will be a bit more concrete to the location closer to the time.  This is to stop people from invading the tournament etc. etc.

The Rules

  • You must have a point fitted of some variety.  I would like to see normal pvp fits, not ridiculous overtanked frigates with a cap booster they would never have fitted otherwise.
  • No ECM, it just makes fights shitty if you all bring kiting griffins with mid slot ECM.
  • No booster alts, once again I would like everyone on a roughly even playing field.

Other than those rules there are no rules.  Feel free to faction fit your frigates, its completely up to you whether you want to risk that much isk in a frig tournament.  As for stopping people having booster alts, the fights will occur with the two participants and me being fleeted up so that should take care of that....hopefully.

The Prizes

  • 1st Place - Vigilant
  • 2nd Place - Navy Faction Cruiser of choice
  • 3rd Place - Navy Faction Frigate of choice

The Participants

The tournament will be open to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of age or corp.  I would prefer if people didn't bring hugely faggy kiting fits with low dps but I am not stopping anyone from doing that.  If you are going to participate, I would love for some people to fraps their fights as much as possible and I will make a video afterwards with all the fights we have in it.

The tournament will be a round robin type, similar to the World Cup knockout stages.  I will draw all the participants names from a hat so that we know who they face etc.  If we get more than 30 participants then I will think up a better format.

If you wish to enter, mail me in game on Korg Tronix.  I will be setting up a chat channel and mailing list for this as well.


P.S. It has been pointed out to me, that my description of why I want all ships to have points on them.  The part about cap boosters wasnt meant to forbid people from flying ships with cap boosters but rather stop someone turning up in a dual rep punisher for example with a cap booster and prop mod, rather than with a point.

RIP Korg Leaf

I have ISK!!!!!!

I sold my main(?) alt last night, basically he was my old main combat character but since moving to Tronix as my main he has been a little surplus to requirements and other than missions there wasn't much I could use him for.  He was mainly being used as a hauler which seemed a shame for the character I first went pirate in.  So I sold him and got a tidy sum for him (9b) which was more than I thought I would get.

Now I just have to decide what I am going to use the isk for, and my other account as well.  I wouldn't mind some suggestions on the other account front as I already have a hauler and my main earns me isk through manufacturing.


Vengeance + Comet Vs. Vexor

I haven't really been undocking a lot recently but when I do I seem to be able to find a fight quickly.  This was one of them.

After setting up my next set of inventions I undocked in my Vengeance and found a Vexor on scan almost instantly, after a quick check on d-scan I found him near the Dammalin gate.  Warping in at 0 I locked him up but was wary not to get too close, this was going to be a close fight as it is and I didn't want to give him or any possible friends he may have had an advantage.
Rather than fight on the gate though, he warped off to the nearest planet.  I followed and landed within scram range of him I locked and started to orbit as close as possible.  He was a sort off semi anti frigate fit, light neutrons being his gun highs but luckily for me there was no neut so with my nos running and the Vengeances high cap recharge I was tanking him fairly well.

At this point he dropped his high dps set of drones (2 Ogres, 2 Hammers and a hob) in the hope that it would force me off, this usually wouldn't bother me in my Vengeance but with my lowest resist being thermal and me being in a plated AC Vengeance for a change they were hitting me for some largish volleys.  So I began webbing and popping the drones.  This was going well but did highlight to me the vast difference between rocket launchers and ACs for killing drones as it took quite a bit longer to kill his drones than it usually takes me.  Eventually after working my way through his numerous drones, a friend came into system in his Comet and warped in to help finish him fast, after this it wasn't long till he popped.

We snagged his pod and this is usually where the pirate life starts to get interesting, I opened his info and saw he wasn't particularly old so offered him a 5mil ransom (He was old enough to possibly have some decent implants but not really worth asking for too much), he said he didn't have that.  Now usually this would have resulted in me sending him to the clone vat but I thought I would give him a second chance at ransom so offered him his pod for a joke or limerick.  Unfortunately after nearly a minute of waiting (I wasn't doing much else) he gave me a quote from Marcus Aurelius so I podded him too.

T1 Frigates are fun

Despite my new found wealth, I have rediscovered the fun of t1 frigates.  I suppose this means that money is going to last a loooooooooooooong time (barring faction fitting my t1 frigates).  I have already had some fun fights in them, but I don't think they will make a fun written story so luckily I have fraps'd them and I am sure I will get round to rendering them into a almost watchable youtube video at some point.

New alt

Due to no longer having an alt (other than the shitty sub-1m sp hauler alt I have already) I am looking for some suggestions of what to do with my other account, although I cant really be bothered to train for a mission runner (its too dull) or miner (its too dull) I would love some suggestions.



      Monday, 7 November 2011

      Fun Fits For Fun Times....also alliterations are awesome

      So this is part 3 of my Fun Ships posts, in this one I will list fits for frigate killing.  They will all be ships that dont usually pack any sort of punch which therefore makes them even more fun as you can get some great fights and killmails (An Osprey killing any sort of frigate is great).

      I suppose I will have to start somewhere so Minmatar will probably be a good place to start.  The idea behind these fits is that you are in such a shite ship that people will engage you in anything, I mean if you saw an Osprey in a belt in lowsec wouldn't you engage it?


      This is an obvious one and one that has recently been seeing a lot of use around the Heimatar lowsec area, pretty much every time I have engaged a Bellicose recently they have turned out to be frigate killing fit.  They are very easy to fit and are probably the standard when it comes to shite ships/great frigate killers, certainly if they aren't the best in that category they are near the top.

      [Bellicose, Frigate]
      Damage Control II
      800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

      10MN Afterburner II
      Warp Scrambler II
      Stasis Webifier II
      Stasis Webifier II

      Dual 180mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M
      Dual 180mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M
      Dual 180mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M
      Medium Energy Neutralizer II
      Small Energy Neutralizer II

      Medium Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I
      Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
      Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

      Warrior II x5

      This is probably my favourite version of the fit, it has an ok buffer (18k) and roughly 220dps to put on your target but what wins it for me over the 1600mm fit is the medium neut, that combined with the dual webs and small neut means that you should end up being faster than most frigate (inside scram range) once their cap has gone.  You have plenty of drones which gives you some leeway in both choice of drones and amount.

      Scythe next, this ship isn't the greatest but once again you get a kill in it and it will feel like Christmas, especially if its shiny.

      [Scythe, Frigate Killing]
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
      800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
      Damage Control II

      10MN Afterburner II
      Warp Scrambler II
      Stasis Webifier II

      Small Energy Neutralizer II
      Small Energy Neutralizer II
      Light Neutron Blaster II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
      Light Neutron Blaster II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
      Light Neutron Blaster II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S

      Medium Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
      Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
      Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I

      Warrior II x1

      Its essentially the same fit as the Bellicose, minus the second web, medium neut and large drone bay.  You need to hope that the frigate you fight is scram range if he/she is then overheat everything and let them get close.  Hopefully by the time they realise you have a fairly decent buffer they will be capped out and nearing death.

      Thats pretty much it for the Minmatar ships, the Rupture is obviously a great frigate killer (in armor fit) but everyone expects that and although the Armor Stabber is also great at it, its still a little too obvious a frigate killer.
      In the next post I will list some decent fits for Gallente, they are probably the best overall for this as pretty much all there cruisers can be turned into decent frigate killers or are already great at it.



      P.S.  If you don't think the above fits would work, then please message me with any suggestions or changes you would make.  Although I know the Bellicose fit is successful, the Sycthe fit is definitely more theory crafting than in game experience at the moment.

      Friday, 4 November 2011

      t2 production

      So recently I have realised piracy/pvp is not making me enough money to cover all my losses, partially due to some very stupid losses on my part but mostly due to loot drops not being great or people not wanting to pay ransoms.  This has led me to look at other avenues of isk making, mainly back to my roots as an industrialist.

      So with all that in mind I looked into t2 production, and I have now identified 6 items that will net me some nice profit in the Heimatar region.  Unfortunately I have had to train my alt into t2 production to get the maximum profit possible, this has slowed down the start up for it all which has been a little disappointing.
      Its actually fairly exciting for me as I have never really had the motivation to do this properly and thankfully minus the little time it takes to haul the parts to where I need them, the whole process takes very little time to get sorted.
      I have put 500mil aside for this all and if all going well this should net me 500-600mil in profit, as long as I dont sell anything too low.  This of course is very time dependant and I would need everything to sell before I manufacture anymore, so that may not make me a whole lot per week but enough should sell over the month to allow me to pay for my accounts in plexes which is nice.


      On the PVP side of things, well I haven't really had much in the way of good fights recently.  I haven't really gotten online much this month so far due to some Uni projects needing to be finished and some other real life stuff.  I am getting a good amount of kills but far too many are ganks for my liking.

      Hawk vs. Rifter, Thrasher, Punisher

      This was probably the only good fight I have had recently, roaming around one of my usual routes.  Jumping into Dal I cross jumped a Thrasher, on the otherside a Rifter just landed.  I locked him up and began the 'Bait Dance' (Im flashy and in a frigate), with us yellow boxing each other and Punisher also lands on the gate.

      Once he locks me up they both red box and the game is on, I make the early mistake of going for the Punisher first, he has a very strong tank.  I switch targets to the Rifter and start working his buffer down and he drops a lot faster, this was lucky because as I started to agro the Rifter the gate had flashed and in came the Thrasher to join them.  Luckily we were 20+ km off by this point so he couldn't stop his friend from esploding.
      I now had a choice of the ships left, both had aggressed so there was to be no gate gun help for them.  I realised that the Punisher really did crap damage and I didnt want to risk leaving the Thrasher till the end so I went for him.  Settling into the usual 7-8km orbit he was dual webbed and it turns out he was arty fit, so once I had settled there was very little he could do to stop me and he popped too.
      Credit to the Punisher for staying till the end despite his friends dying but once I got into my orbit, he wasn't going anywhere and as his DPS was so poor he stood no chance as he popped as well.  No idea where the sentry agro came from though.

      Unfortunately that is basically it on the good fights over the last month, at least ones that I can remember the details relatively clearly on.  At least I fraps'd that.