Monday, 1 August 2011

First wardec, and other things

I have been looking for some decent corps to dec for a bit of fun, you know break up the sometimes monotonous(Glad that was spelt right) existence of 0.0.  Maybe make myself some money whilst I'm at it.

I had found one target for the money part, a mining corp that for some reason thought it was a great idea to put their full APIs on their website.  Now this was the main reason I decced as I knew exactly what ships they had, what they could fly, how much isk they had....hell thanks to the mail feature in Eve-Mon I could read their eve mails. 

Finally Shooting Drams

Apart from that insanely stupid corp, I unfortunately haven't found anyone else, so on Friday I clone jumped back to Curse and went for a miniature five minute roam.  As you can imagine it didn't yield much in the way of kills although a SoT Dramiel followed me to a belt. 
I was in my Nano Drake ala. PODLA, AKA Dual Webs.  I have never had a proper chance to test this against a Dram, the only time one has ever aggressed me I only had meta 3 webs (57%??) which gave him just enough time to escape.  This time however I was determined to kill him, especially since the last time I agressed one a large gang followed. 
Warping to a belt I started ratting (baiting) and burnt away from the belts warp in point.  The Dramiel landed soon after and, unsurprisingly, covered the 50km to me quickly.  I had overheated everything and approached as soon as I pointed him, I opened fire and once he was webbed he was at half shield. He popped.

Although it was a frigate kill in a BC, I was still happy as I had not managed to get a Dramiel in my nano drake before.

Can Flipping and Virgin Rage

Logging in last night, I was a little drunk (had been away all weekend doing drinking type activites) and decided to go can flipping in a combat buzzard.  

After purchasing and fitting everything in Jita, I "undocked", but I didn't as my stupid internet went tits up.  So after resetting the router and my computer, I tried again.  
Making it out of the station I went towards Insanamo and started flipping cans.  After a couple of belts I found a reasonably old character jetcan mining in a hulk, I flipped his can and waited as he warped off.  He returned about 2 minutes later in a Moa (Yippee!!), we locked each other, he opened fire, I settled into an orbit.....and I dc'd again (FFFUUUUUU Virgin).  
Not surprisingly I logged back in, in a pod but with 11 minutes of agro left I went to get my Kestrel from the system next door, only to dc again. Bloody Internet.


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