Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Delayed Posting

Ill start by apologising that this isn't going to be a long post, I haven't really managed to spend any meaningful amount of time on EvE over the last couple of weeks due to varying real life commitments.  However I will get back to doing write ups of some of my fights and whatever else I get up to.

So here are the two 'stand out' fights that I managed to get in the last two weeks.

Hawk vs. Dramiel

Logging in one evening after work I was told of some Dramiel pilots running around Amamake.  I shipped into my Hawk and went hunting.
I warped myself to zero at a belt other than the top one and eventually a Dramiel was kind enough to make his presence known to me.  I knew, it being lowsec chances are he would AB/WEB/SCRAM fit if he was remotely well fit which meant my range advantage would go out of the window quickly.  As he started to burn the 50 or so kilometers to me I set my keep range at 8km (inside scram and web range but at the edge of most Dramiels gun range) and let him burn towards me.  Overheating everything relevant I opened fire and webbed my quarry, his shields were slowly dropping....and I was still keeping my range on him.  Eventually his shields gave out and he popped, leaving me to enjoy my first solo kill on a Dramiel in my Hawk.

I was fairly happy with how I played that fight and my ship did its job brilliantly.  Having since tried out the MSE fit Hawk I have to say the Dual web armor Hawk is still my favourite version of this ship.  It also still has the reputation of not being a great ship which works brilliantly in its favour.

Omen Vs. Exequeror

A couple of nights later I ran across a Bosboger regular Razor Soulvoyeur in his Exequeror, now we have tangled a couple of times and they are usually always fun fights so I shipped into my new Nano Omen.  Warping to top belt I landed 70km off of him so we made the slow dance towards each other, him cause he was in a slow ship, me because I was in a ship with crap capacitor.  Eventually we made it into engagement range and started firing upon each other.

I was wary of getting to close as I had a fairly good idea how he had his ship fit and I would lose the tank/gank race if I got too close.  The problem with this is I kept leaving point range which worried me a little.
We started killing off each others drones, although he was getting through mine faster than I was getting through his (5 to 3).  Realising this I had my drones attack him and at that range I could just cycle through them with my lasers.
After about a minute of this I had started back on his ship, his buffer being whittled down by the sustained laser fire.  Unfortunately a neutral pirate appeared in the belt in Cyclone 70km off, I wanted the kill so I overheated and burnt towards him and he popped.  I looted and warped off before the Cyclone got close enough, much to that pilots chagrin.

Have to say I wasn't too disappointed in the Nano Omens performance, yes it has crap capacitor and shitty ehp but its dps at range was impressive and when I burnt in with Multifrequency loaded I liked the DPS.  Having said that though I really need to get better at kiting and keeping stuff in point range, the amount of time I didn't have the ship pointed was shocking.

Thats basically it at the moment.  With Deus Ex out and my rediscovery of Guild Wars, my time on EvE is a little hit and miss, although I did get a nice fight last night in my Vengeance and managed to lose my Buzzard stupidly.  I will still get some posts written, hopefully much more regularly than I have recently though.


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  1. hate toe break it to you but a solo kill is one without anyone else on the mail

  2. Congratulations observant reader, I am glad you have pointed out the obvious error in my story. I will rectify it at once to take into account the Jaguar that scored 47 damage on an active tanked Dramiel that hadn't docked since its previous fight. Once again thankyou.

  3. 79 damage does not equal participation in a kill lol. That's like half your missile salvo once. Nice Dramiel kill man!

    I've been told that Omens are similar to zealots, just not as much range and not as much tank, so I understand where you're coming from about that :)