Friday, 30 September 2011

So Far, So Good pt. 1

I originally intended this post to be a summation of my first month in piracy but due to my laziness and Maths coursework it has been delayed and will now be a summation of my first two months in piracy.....roughly.
This will be quite a long post as I am going to try and be as detailed as I can be, but hopefully it will still be interesting and not at all waffly(Its a word).

Pirating So Far

Its been quite a transition and the first two months have been a success...I think.  I know killboard stats are fairly useless but I have managed to maintain a ~90% efficiency whilst getting over 120 kills in frigates which is nice only recently lost my 20th I believe.  So a 6:1 ratio.
That isn't to say I haven't done some really stupid things and alot of those losses reflect that.  Some lost through stupidity and others through getting used to the low sec mechanics again.  I will touch on these later.

At the moment I just want to write a little about the differences between low sec and NPC null in terms of the kind of PvP I have found.  The biggest and most obvious one is that lack of bubbles, I can't tell you how nice it has been not having to fit a MWD to all my frigates, it also makes escaping the inevitable gate camps easier.  Although with the militias tendency to fly frigates and my outlaw status that isn't always as easy as it looks and does require some knowledge of agro mechanics.
I have noticed a lack of larger gangs in Heimatar lowsec, minus the odd militia bait and blob fleet most pilots tend to be in <5 person gang category.  This is most likely due to my area of lowsec, being the main area for the Minmatar/Amarr militia, that there is a larger number of small corporations and the lack of cohesion in the militias mean that they tend to stay with each other.  That's not to say militia don't all fleet up together sometimes but it seems rare, largely due to how easy it is to get spies in the oppositions militia.
This all helps me as I love flying frigates and thanks to the above reasons I can get away with it around Amamake, they mean I can get plenty of kills (Militia Frigates and Destroyers) and still get around without getting popped by gate camps.  The transition hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, getting used to having gate guns again hasn't been great and I have lost a couple of ships to them because I have forgotten about the GCC (Somehow all have been CovOps frigates).

The largest problem I have found since becoming a pirate again is the same problem all pirates face eventually, earning isk and logistics.  The adjustment to pirating has meant I have refocused my alt to making me some isk in high sec, this has meant ironically I had to rat that characters sec up so he could actually access high sec.  For some reason I chose the nice character to become the pirate and my old pirate character to become my high sec hauler/trader alt, strange that.  As far as loot and earning from piracy alone I think I am breaking even, maybe even in the black (Not by a lot mind) but as I only fly frigates and generally solo, big ransoms and loot drops haven't really come my way as of yet.
After two months of piracy and buying alot of frigates for my character I have roughly the same isk buffer I had when I started so I would say its working out well so far.

I am going to talk about the pvp parts of piracy life in my next post otherwise its going to take me months to finish a post.



  1. Earning ISK in low-sec is indeed quite the problem.

  2. I have found this too, but I seem to be making enough through loot drops. Its really surprising how many people fit the high meta items to t1 frigates.