Monday, 22 August 2011

Now I'm settled....


So Amamake is my home system, most of my ships are there and due to the way traffic flows and the militia pilots in the area, it seems to be a flashpoint for a lot of fights.  This does mean its difficult to leave the system sometimes because sods law something tasty will be found as soon as I leave the system.  Not leaving does breed complacency(actually spelt that right first time) though, partially due to 'Sods Law' and partially due to being in fleet and getting the bonuses that derives.
Now as a solo player I don't use gang boosters, the idea of moving a gang boosting ship along roams with my frigate does not appeal to me but when the opportunity to have boosters in system arises you go for it, I mean who wouldn't.  Especially with my Hawk, having dual 18km webs is very nice.  However as said this does make it difficult to leave and can make you more risk averse when the boosts are no longer there so to stop this I still try my best to roam away from Amamake.

Now on to the interesting parts of my week.

I was gently warping around the many belts of Amamake, making short work of the local belt rats in my Hawk, when suddenly I was set upon by a ruffian in a Rifter.  No sooner had this hooligan began his assault that he was joined by another.  Bravely my Hawks systems sprang into life locking down the first rifter and heating up my thrust systems I settled into my orbit hoping to prolong my death.  Almost as soon as it started though the first Rifter hull started to spurt fire and exploded in a glorious blue flash.  Turning my attention to the now solo friend I went for the same tactics, once again fire flew out of my opponents ship and it became dust.  That will teach them for shooting people in belts.....I mean who does that :P.

A couple of nights later, whilst roaming in my shiny new Vengeance, I happened upon a stabber at my home station.  Watching him warp to a belt, I decided to follow to 'help' him.  Landing in the belt I landed on him predictably and locked him up, applying the webs and the scram.  It was at this point I noticed the Thrasher sitting 50km off the Stabber....potentially this could get messy.  The Thrasher warped off to the nearby planet and warped back at 10km, I now had the attention of two ship on my small hull.  With my extremely low dps trying to eat into the active/buffer that the Stabber had both ships started to take small chunks off my shields. I decided to swap to the likely squishier target in the Thrasher, as my guns started to land their blows, his armor and shield burnt away.  As the Thrasher exploded and the Stabber had just entered hull when a third ship entered the fray, a Merlin I had a run in with earlier.  He got there just in time to whore the Stabber kill. Locking this invader up and going to work on his buffer, he did the same but I can perma tank him and it just prolonged the inevitable as he was soon wrenched from his hull.  Obviously all of these ships other than the Merlin were fail fit, but it was a nice fight as my vengeance really proved itself tank wise.

Video of the Week - Humour or Music

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