Friday, 13 January 2012

First Two Weeks of January

I am fairly pleased with how December went with my highest kill total of any month and the majority of those kills coming whilst flying solo.  Its just a pity I didn't have fraps running for a lot of it as I have missed filming some great fights (Hookbill vs. Ishkur, finished with 12% armour).
January has started just as well, with 37 kills last week and 25 this week, still no where near as prolific as last month but still on course to top 100 kills in a month again so that makes me happy.
My losses on the other hand have been mostly of the stupid nature, either coming through late night derpage or due to a large quantity of alcohol that I consumed during the day.  Even then taking away the three expensive losses and the others seem very cheap.

I be a director now

The major piece of change occurring in my EvE life this month was becoming a director for the EU Tz in Heretic University.  I am quite pleased the higher ups have trusted me with this and I have quite a few plans that I think I will start trying to role out in the coming weeks.

University is a proving/testing ground for prospective pilots in Heretic Army, it allows them to make some mistakes independent of Army whilst still being part of the Amamake culture.  If after a month the pilot has proven his skill in both solo and small gang PvP, he/she will be invited to join Army.  Not everyone will get invited but some will.

Only issue is now that I am director I will have to start taking gangs out more often and I really despise FC work, mostly because I am bad at it but also due to having people rely on my orders to help them survive.  Basically I don't like the responsibility, at least I will get some practice and no longer be bad I suppose.

They seem to be doing well so far, with Az Tek our 4m SP, super find leading the way in kills in his Thrasher with 99 kills for the month so far.  He is a prime example of pilot skill trumping SP in fights.
Heretic University Killboard

They also have a great banner for their board designed by Kri Matar.

The other big news in corp is we are now in an we haven't joined some random 0.0 alliance....we petitioned CCP and got the Heretic Nation alliance back. 

Good Fights

I have had a good few fights to start the year out but my favourite easily goes to the first flight of my MSE Harpy.  I undocked from Amamake and headed out on one of my usual roaming routes, jumping into Siseide I found a Jaguar on scan and proceeded to play a round of belt bingo. 

Eventually I landed in the same belt as him but 60km off, I loaded up null as I thought he would kite me (everyone would try) but it turned out he wanted a tank/gank race. The problem was I had started with Null loaded and up close I was suffering the tracking issues associated with that ammo.  I started to pull range slowly but I was taking a pounding, my shield gave out before him and I started to bail.  His shield gave out as I was about to enter structure, spamming warp to get my pod out, he entered structure.  Suddenly a flash and I thought shit I haven't entered warp yet.  It was at this point I noticed my pod had guns and a shield extender fitted.  Even my sleep deprived brain thought this odd.  Needless to say the picture below probably expresses my shock at surviving that fight.
Drackarn: @Korgtronix Whatever you do...... don't....... sneeze......:)

Something has to be said for t1 frigate fights, although anyone can get in them and they don't take long to skill up to a decent level there just always seems to be something pure about killing things in them.  Something that warms the cockles of my little black heart.
So undocking in my hull tanked Incursus (Sounds stupid but its great) I warped to a belt that had another Incursus and a Rifter in.  They seemed to be itching for a fight but as I had landed 45km off them (this was intentional) they had to burn to me first.  
The reason I say it was intentional is because my ship has the grand total of 2.7k ehp and there was no way I would be able to brawl them both down in my current fit at 0, landing this far off allowed me to split them up a bit which means I can essentially 1v1 them or at least put enough damage on one that I can win the damage race once they both get into range.
Luckily for me the Incursus was MWD fit like me and the Rifter was AB fit, burning away from them to split them up some more, I eventually engaged once there was a gap of roughly 50km, overheating everything and sticking my scram web on him, me and the Incursus started brawling.  He was going down but my shield vanished and a good chunk of my armour but he popped with me around 45% armour.

Now I had the choice of bailing with my ship and a kill, or risking the ship to get what is at best a difficult fight when I am at full health.  To be honest there was only really one choice, sticking my drone on the Rifter whilst I was at 30km seemed to have him distracted as he didnt target me till I was nearly through his armor buffer and, inevitably he popped.

All in all a good start to the new year



  1. You're FC now? :P derp, looking forward to roaming reports.

  2. I imagine there will be some major derp if I FC anything larger than wolf packs