Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's, oh so, quiet

Last couple of nights I have logged into very little occuring on my usual roaming routes.  It's either they are all docked or, as was the case in Providence last night, they bring 7 Battlecruisers, ECM support, a couple of t2/faction frigs and some destroyers to kill 4 people in frigates.

So I am not really sure what to do to get out of this slump, any suggestions to a decent route for a frigate pilot to take that doesn't involve the Amamake > Kamela route or the Providence/Catch > Stain I would love to hear because they have been dead the last couple of nights, at least for me anyway.

If I can't find any fun in a frigate though I may have to ship up to an active tanked Drake or something of that ilk and derp around till someone shoots me......I don't want this.



  1. I saw you crop up in an intel channel and immediately made haste to find you, only to realize I'd lost you. Next time you're headed into Catch, hit me up in a convo. I'll consent to solo combat, or maybe I can drum up a few corpmates. I'll give you a heads up if they're planning to blob you.

    If you head towards Querious from Catch, be careful of a goonswarm gang that likes to gatecamp. Typically you'll see one of them or all of them in system with you. All of them are cloaky and in nano ships. You will walk away from that very frustrated. Best just to avoid going that way unless you have a gang of 11+ in mostly battlecruisers or HACs.

    Avoid going into GJ0-. That's a staging system, and you will not find a good fight at all. You'll either find nothing, easy ganks, or a deathball. Same can be said for LGK- (Stain) and the pipe behind it into lower Stain.

  2. Thats a pity you didn't catch up with me, would have been good to have a decent fight whilst out there