Saturday, 28 January 2012

More AF stuff

So its been a couple of days since the AF buff now and I have managed to get a couple of good fights in mine, including my first solo fights.

Catalyst vs. Hawk vs. Taranis with Friends

I have been trying out the Hawk mainly, as I am a big fan of rockets and with the extra mids a I can fly a Hawk how I flew my hookbills....with dual webs.  Out in Egg I found a Catalyst in a belt and thought this would be a good test of the new AFs fighting a destroyer.  The Catalyst only has two mids though which meant I had little problem dictating the range this fight occurred at and with the increased damage this fight ended quickly.
I caught a couple of more ships on scan and started to slow boat away from 0 on the belt and low and behold a ranis landed in belt, with his Myrmidon buddy on scan I knew this would need to be a fast fight.  The ranis caught up quickly and got a scram on me, I put my webs and scram on him, opening fire as soon as this happened.  He started to bleed HP fast and popped just in time as his mate in the Myrmidon landed and I warped off.

Hawk Vs. Jaguar

This was my first real test of the Hawk, a newly 'buffed' Jaguar.  This was a good fight getting into scram range of each other we locked each other up and started firing.  Webbing each other though meant that I was the faster frigate, obviously this Jaguar hadn't decided to use an armour jaguar with the fact I could keep at 8km and still do my full damage this fight wasn't terribly close and eventually my advantage in buffer and dps meant there was only one outcome.

I don't know how close this would have been if the Jaguar was armour tanked, with the weakness in kinetic resists it has, it would probably have been closer but still coming out with a win for the Hawk.  This is the same thing I have noticed with most of the new AFs when compared to the Hawk, with the new slot and damage bonus those that can't get close will lose and those that can, can't win the damage race anymore.  It also has the extra gtfo ability as it can now fit dual webs on a shield fit.  It's still too early too say which AF I will fly most regularly yet as I have yet to test my Vengeance out properly but with the damage bonus both it and the Hawk have received its easy to see me only flying those for the foreseeable future.

Check out the newest video released by Liang Nuren, containing some great fights the US Tz Heretics have been getting recently.  Almost makes me want to get up a 6 to play with these guys.


It wouldn't let me embed his vid so I thought I would embed mine instead :)

Will be working on a new vid this month once my University works dies down again.  So far the ships used a Buzzard, Hawk, Vengeance, Hookbill and Rifters.  Will try and capture some blaster footage whilst I still have some blaster boats in Amamake.

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