Monday, 9 January 2012

We are recruiting

University Requirements.

10m Sp (This isnt set in stone)
PvP Experience (We would prefer a grounding in small gang or solo work)
Must be able to field a BC with reasonable skills
Must be self sufficient
Some proof of solo kills

None of the above requirements are set in stone and we will forgive you not meeting certain things based on out interview with you and your general attitude.  The SP and experience criteria are interchangeable, we might accept a 5m sp character with a ton of solo kills or a 30m sp character with only 1, however if you dont meet either of those requirements please do not apply.

The most common gangs we fly are:
Wolf Packs (Both t1 and t2 frigs)
t1 Cruisers
Shield BCs
Nano BCs

Therefore we would prefer you to be able to bring a ship to any of the above gangs.

Korg Tronix
University Director

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