Thursday, 4 August 2011

Drake Roams are fun

Drake Roams

I have been telling the guys I fly with recently how brilliant the nano drake is, meaning the dual web nano drake.  So recently we decided to go on a little 3 person roam in them, two of us in the standard Nano dual web fits and another in the same sort of fit but with a gang link for web range as well.
The theory behind the gang link nano drake is with the booster running we have more survivability in the fact that we have 16.5km webs and a 37km point, meaning also that we are able to take more advantage of our range.

I joined this roam slightly late due to rl activities and found the other two in Sendaya area.  Hopping into my Drake I joined them and we set of towards Kamela by way of Gomati and Rahadalon.  
Our scout reported a Deimos a couple of jumps ahead so we followed him, eventually catching up to him and getting tackle on him.  Warping in at our point range we opened fire just as his corp mates started to land in a Vagabond and Proteus.

Quickly switching primaries to the Vagabond, our long range webs became useful as it turned out he was scram fitted.  However as soon as he was 16km away from us he found himself webbed 4 times and having missiles lobbed at him he eventually exploded
Switching primaries back to the Deimos, who was 'quickly' bearing down upon us, he became quadruple webbed as well and although he has a high natural kinetic resist he exploded also.

This left the Proteus on his own tackled by our scout in a rifter and having missiles chucked at him from outside his point range.  Unfortunately our squad leader and booster Drake got cocky, ended up to close and was pointed and webbed by the Proteus.  With the poor tanks these Drakes have and the high tank the Proteus has, there wasn't much chance of him escaping and he exploded
Still not to be discouraged as we still had two of us who were able to keep the Proteus at bay, well, until I burnt out my launchers and Eddierio burnt out his point.  Cursing our stupidity we had to leave.

Regrouping in Irshah, with our squad leader back in a new Drake, we set out again.  This time heading around to the infamous Amamake, where we are almost guaranteed some sort of fight whether we like to or not.  Eddierio jumped in first and warped to the top belt.  Over comms he informed us he had a Dramiel tackled.....or the Dramiel had him tackled and a Rupture and Cane had shown up.  Jumping in we warped to Eddie and esploded the Dramiel.  We went for the Rupture next as the Cane was quite far away still, he quickly succumbed.  By this point the belts population had grown, so we decided it was time to leave, unfortunately somehow Alphawolves was again the primary and had been locked down at a different point in the belt, well he exploded.

Again we started, this time taking the longest route known to man to get back to Kamela, and avoiding a Bastards BS gang on the way, we ended up in Sosala.  A flashy Proteus had been following us and we liked our chances so we waited till he jumped into us, although as with most things in EvE, it was too good to be true and soon a larger gang containing two guardians, a loki, a cynabal and some other stuff I cant remember jumped in.  We had managed to keep range on the Proteus, but when these guys jumped in they decloaked next to Alpha and, for the third time that night, he ended up in a Pod.  Some people are so unlucky.

Bad Luck in Curse

Last night I logged in on my alt for a bit of fun in Curse, wandering about in my Nano Cane I noticed a gang consisting of a Thorax, two Drakes and a Kitsune.  I fancied my chances and soon followed them for a couple of jumps, after finally catching up with them, I engaged locking up the frigates....turned out they had a Hookbill as well and I locked the wrong frigate first.  Before I had a chance to rectify this though I was jammed, and so I remained until my ship exploded.

Still fancying my chances, I go grab my dual rep Myrm (there damage hadn't been great so reppers should be fine, plus no neuts), I warp back towards Hemin and jump through.  This time however I didn't go anywhere afterwards.  Turns out jumping into an 85 man BS gang with fast tackle and T3s in a Myrm does not end well.

However after having a peek on battleclinic that Hookbill died later and I, posthumously, whored the mail.

Possible New Corp and Change of Direction

The Drake roam and the getting blobbed in 0.0 has reminded me about what I love in lowsec pvp and I have decided I am going to go back to pirating.  As much as I have enjoyed Curse far I have started to feel bored of 0.0 life.  I will, of course, still leave some ships out there for when I want a change of pace from lowsec but I am going to go flashy.


P.S.  I realise I haven't included any videos or pictures this time, must make it a boring read without them so I will put them here at the end.

Yeah I'm sorry about that one, a corp mate made me watch it but as they say ''Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it''


  1. that type of drake is awesome. My first time encountering it I was a light tackler. Suffice to say I didn't last long :D

  2. I have grown to love them, although I seem to have terrible luck with engaging more than I can chew then getting Falcon'd whilst in them. Ah well.