Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Transition and Moving Stuff

Moving Stuff

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am returning to piracy and because of this I have spent the last week or so, slowly moving my ships from Hagekan to Rens so that I can join a corp in Minnie Space.  This unfortunately has meant there has been a lack of PvP in my life recently, as you can imagine moving 40 or so rigged ships does take up some time.
However I have found a pirate corp now and as of 20:45? tonight I will be a member of the Heretics Academy.  The Heretics Academy aren't so much an academy as a testing ground for the Heretic Army, where pilots that haven't flown with, or been recommended to the Army, have to join first.  So naturally as I haven't I am joining them.  I don't mind this though as I relish the fact that not only will I be pirating again but I will have to prove myself competent enough to move into the Army. 
Unfortunately this requires moving the ships again for the obvious reason that once I start losing sec status trying to access a 0.9 system will become very difficult....I think this time though I will just use Red Frog to move it closer.

What PVP I have gotten

Having said all that I have still gotten some decent....well ok pvp whilst moving.

Whilst setting up some off gate bookmarks in my Cheetah, I had to log off for a bit.  Logging back in I found a Stabber and Catalyst on directional scan, narrowing it down it looked like they were ratting in a belt warping my Cheetah in I landed 50km off of the Stabber and decided against burning for them.  The age of the pilots meant that if they were remotely well fit I wouldn't be able to cover the 50km before popping.  So bookmarking a wreck near them I warped out and warped back to that.  
This time landing 18km of the Stabber with the Catalyst 30km away.  I got into a tight orbit on the stabber and pointed and webbed him, I put the tracking disruptor on the Catalyst.  Thinking behind this is it would force him to cover most of the 30km before he could help his friend.  Luckily the Stabber was at half armor when I pointed him and he succumbed to my mighty weapons.  I then burnt for the Catalyst and settled into an 8km orbit, with the tracking disruptor as well as the web and scram he had no hope of covering the distance to be able to hit me and popped as well...talk about mixed guns.

Last night, as I was meant to be doing some work for Uni, I decided to can flip instead in my buzzard. Only got one bite of my hook.  Another canflipper in a Rifter, as I had flipped him I had to wait for him to open fire first.  He soon obliged, although I nearly lost my ship because of that stupid 'Are you sure you want to do this' message that popped up.  I didn't, once the webs were on him and the tracking disruptor he went down fighting.

Back in Curse for a roam

I jumped down to Curse on my alt, mainly because I couldn't be arsed to make the 20 jumps on Tronix, and quickly jumped into my dual prop Taranis to go join a small gang we had roaming in Providence/Catch area.

Warping to the Litom gate, some of my corp mates had dropped a bubble and I cross jumped a Myrmidon so I burnt back to the gate and jumped through just in time to whore the mail on the myrm and his pod...lol.

So moving on I caught up with the others, Eddierio and Atwa in a Myrm each and Parfait M in a Cynabal.  I started scouting the route back, making a quick detour into KDF however and I found an Abaddon on scan towards the out gate, he jumped and I followed.  Eventually catching up with him in F4R2, getting tackle on him, he started to reapproach the gate.  He then agro'd and turned out to be a Tachyon fit Abaddon, slowly I worked through his light drones, whilst this was going on the rest of my gang had caught up.  By the time I had popped all his drones I was entering structure and the Abaddon popped, he didnt warp his pod out and lost that too.

We headed back toward Hq and I hopped in my Helios with Atwa in his.  One of our corp mates had just been blown up by a Thrasher camping a gate in Hemin so we jumped in and Atwa got agro'd.  Doing what the Helios does best, this Thrasher found himself quadruple webbed and double tracking disrupted and quickly in his pod.

Now at this point, for some reason, I was getting a little cocky and found a Ferox warping around.  He left system and was heading towards Catch.  We caught up with him and got tackle in 1P but he turned out to be bait for a gang that went through earlier, we had no way of knowing.  Needless to say it didnt end well for my poor Helios.  I managed to get my pod out and I warped off to get back to HQ but jumping into the next system I was greeted by one of the gangs sabres and my Pod died heroically.
This was all made worse and served to remind me why alts can sometimes be bad if neglected, by the fact that I didn't realise I had gone over my clone limit and I have now got to train Minmatar Battleship 5 again....fail.


P.S. Due to the sad nature of the end of this blog, I will be posting a sad video

Ok it wasn't actually sad, just amusing.


  1. That's pretty badass of you killing ships in a Cheetah. I bet that Rifter pilot was pretty pissed, all t2 fit and everything.

  2. p.s having fought Heretic Army on and off for about 6 months I can tell you they suck =) Lol

  3. Lol I will be ok Mail. Cheers True it is hilarious when you manage to get kills in a combat fitted cov ops. http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=12554006 I couldn't stop laughing after that one...even after I found out he was fail fit.