Tuesday, 16 August 2011

First Week Yarring Part 2.

Armor Hawks are awesome

So the other staple ship of my new piracy career has been the Hawk, the Caldari assault frigate.
If you have read any of my other blog posts, it will start to become obvious that I like missiles.  The advantages they have appeal to me, as long as you can dictate range you generally out dps most things.  To this end I decided to try the Armor Hawk, thanks to the dual webs it has it can dictate range on most frigates inside scram range whilst still having a decent level of ehp to give you the time to get to this range depending on your starting position.

So whilst roaming around in the Hawk, I happened upon a flashy in a Claw on a gate.  He warped of to the top belt in Siseide, landing on top of him we locked each other up and I clicked keep at range for 8km. Fucked up a little at the start though, left my keep at range button on the wrong distance and ending up running at him, this meant I took alot more damage than I needed to. Doesn't matter though as I recovered from the fail and he popped before I hit armor.
Moving on my next jump found the gate camped by 3 Thrashers, predictably as soon as I decloaked they locked me and attempted to alpha me....they failed and I moved to point one.  Grabbed one, one warped and the other got popped by the guns.  Obviously the one I had pointed went down and I got his pod, I had a few giggles in local.

Last night I was engaging in the past time enjoyed by all Heretics sitting in Amamake top belt, on my own :(. Doesn't matter though as a Rifter landed at 0 on the belt.  Fancying my chances (well duh) I warped onto him and locked him up getting into my orbit he popped.  Not sure but I have a feeling he may have been fail bait for another frigate because as soon as he popped his mate landed in a Malediction. Unfortunately for this violent gentlemen he landed close enough that I could point and web him.  I locked him up and got my webs on him, for some reason he didn't fire back, not my problem, pop.

So I Pirate

I have gone pirate, I am surprised how fast my sec has dropped though, already below the -5 mark.  It may be my bad memory but I was sure it took me ages to get my sec to drop last time I went pirate even with the pod kills.  I don't know if anything has changed in the sec drop sense since then though, don't really follow changes like that so meh.
I will say I am enjoying being back in lowsec, getting the chance to fight frigates without them decloaking falcons (ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu falcon) on me or being bait for a large gang that comes to buttrape me a second after I agro.

Although this trip to the dark side hasn't been all rosey.  I have found getting used to being on the wrong side of gate guns again has taken some getting used to...my poor cheetah.

Still it has mostly been about flying frigates although next week I may give my nano Omens a run out (expect stupid losses) or my XL Celestis (expect stupid losses).  Still I am having alot of fun in my frigates and it has given me some of the hand shaking pvp I have missed.


Thought people would start getting sick of me posting Pony vids on here so went with some good music instead.

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