Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Frigate Tournament (In Detail)

So I have mentioned that I will be organising a frigate tournament.  I have had some decent interest so far, mostly from outside my own corp which is nice.  I will list below a more in depth run down of how the frigate tournament will be organised and hopefully this will convince more people to sign up.

Firstly the Rules

  1. You HAVE to fit a point - This is a pvp tournament and as with real world pvp without a point you wont get far, and I really don't want ridiculous frigate fits that wouldnt be viable usually (i.e. Dual Rep Punishers, Webbing Wolfs etc.)
  2. There will be a designated area for which these matches take place, leaving this area forfeits the fight.  Only exception to this is if the other person has obviously violated a rule him/herself.
  3. There will be no ECM modules allowed.  Although it is a perfectly viable tactic I would prefer for competitions sake that everyone doesn't turn up in Griffin/Kitsunes and perma jams everyone.  This doesn't make for an interest competition.  ECM Drones are also not allowed for the same reason, except replace Griffin/Kitsune with Ishkur/Worm etc.
  4. All frigates are allowed (including Griffins/Kitsunes) but I reserve the right to change this rule, as I want this to be as competitive a tournament as possible.
  5. Each match will be timed, there will be a maximum of 2 minutes per fight.  If both frigates are still alive after this (well done) the fight will be declared a draw and they will have to wait until the other fights in that round are played out before being able to settle the match.  For example if you are the first fight and you draw, you will need to wait until the end of that rounds matches before replaying your match.
  6. Each pilot can use any frig they want each round, as soon as you undock for your match you cannot redock.  For example, you could use a Taranis in round 1 and then a Slicer in round 2, however you cannot undock, see what your opponent is in and then change your ship accordingly.
  7. There will be no using booster alts during the tournament, I have no problem with you faction fitting your frigates but booster alts are out of the question.  You will be fleeted with me (Korg Tronix) and your opponent during your fight, if you drop fleet prior to the fight ending you will be disqualified.

Time, Place and Date

The time and date of the tournament will be GMT (UTC) timezone between 7-12 and I will hold it over the week of the 5th to 11th of December.  The flexibility in the date is try and give a chance for the most people to take part, the timezone is because, as much as I love the people who play EvE, I live in UK and I really don't want to be up at 2 in the morning to run a frigate tourney. 

As for the location, I will hold it in the Bosboger system (4j from Rens).  This system is 1j from high sec which will make logistics for everyone taking part as easy as possible.  The high sec gate is rarely camped and the system is fairly quiet so its also unlikely we will be disturbed.

Any change to the details above I will message you in game.

And now for the fun bits

The Prizes

1st Prize - Vigilant Cruiser - The Serpentis cruiser requires Gallente and Minmatar Cruiser skills and is fitted with hybrids.  It produces a ridiculously high amount of DPS and has a web strength bonus.  Of course thats only relevant if you want to keep it, it currently sells for 300-350mil

2nd Prize - Navy Faction Cruiser of your choice - Exactly as it says, you choose a faction cruiser from 1 of the 4 empire factions.
3rd Prize - Navy Faction Frigate of your choice - Same as above but a frigate instead.

'I lol at you' Award - Navy Faction Frigate of your choice - This will be awarded to the person who comes in the most loltastic frigate and has success i.e. winning in a combat cov ops will score some major brownies with me.  WARNING - If everyone turns up in funny ships it is no longer funny.

The Footage

I would love it if everyone could fraps their fights during this tournament.  I aim to make a video with as much footage as possible contained in it.  Obviously this is subject to your computer actually being able to, I don't want anyone burning out graphics cards.

If you want to enter, eve mail me in game at 'Korg Tronix' and join the 'Frigate PVP' mailing list



  1. are there free or trial versions of fraps available that would do the job, or do they require buying it?

  2. The free version of fraps will only film for up to 30s, although if you aren't against it you can torrent a full version, otherwise don't worry too much.

  3. Fraps really isn't that expensive, and as its pretty good at what it does. Pay for it! tight fucks.