Monday, 14 November 2011

Frigate Tournament

As the title may suggest I am going to run a frigate tournament.  Details as follows

More in depth details have now been posted here.

The Location

The tournament will be held in a system in Heimatar lowsec, I will be a bit more concrete to the location closer to the time.  This is to stop people from invading the tournament etc. etc.

The Rules

  • You must have a point fitted of some variety.  I would like to see normal pvp fits, not ridiculous overtanked frigates with a cap booster they would never have fitted otherwise.
  • No ECM, it just makes fights shitty if you all bring kiting griffins with mid slot ECM.
  • No booster alts, once again I would like everyone on a roughly even playing field.

Other than those rules there are no rules.  Feel free to faction fit your frigates, its completely up to you whether you want to risk that much isk in a frig tournament.  As for stopping people having booster alts, the fights will occur with the two participants and me being fleeted up so that should take care of that....hopefully.

The Prizes

  • 1st Place - Vigilant
  • 2nd Place - Navy Faction Cruiser of choice
  • 3rd Place - Navy Faction Frigate of choice

The Participants

The tournament will be open to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of age or corp.  I would prefer if people didn't bring hugely faggy kiting fits with low dps but I am not stopping anyone from doing that.  If you are going to participate, I would love for some people to fraps their fights as much as possible and I will make a video afterwards with all the fights we have in it.

The tournament will be a round robin type, similar to the World Cup knockout stages.  I will draw all the participants names from a hat so that we know who they face etc.  If we get more than 30 participants then I will think up a better format.

If you wish to enter, mail me in game on Korg Tronix.  I will be setting up a chat channel and mailing list for this as well.


P.S. It has been pointed out to me, that my description of why I want all ships to have points on them.  The part about cap boosters wasnt meant to forbid people from flying ships with cap boosters but rather stop someone turning up in a dual rep punisher for example with a cap booster and prop mod, rather than with a point.


  1. Sounds good.... KBG will put a few pilots in the mix

  2. Stuck up a post about it on BRRC's forums.

  3. Cheers guys, remember to eve mail me if you want to participate.