Friday, 4 November 2011

t2 production

So recently I have realised piracy/pvp is not making me enough money to cover all my losses, partially due to some very stupid losses on my part but mostly due to loot drops not being great or people not wanting to pay ransoms.  This has led me to look at other avenues of isk making, mainly back to my roots as an industrialist.

So with all that in mind I looked into t2 production, and I have now identified 6 items that will net me some nice profit in the Heimatar region.  Unfortunately I have had to train my alt into t2 production to get the maximum profit possible, this has slowed down the start up for it all which has been a little disappointing.
Its actually fairly exciting for me as I have never really had the motivation to do this properly and thankfully minus the little time it takes to haul the parts to where I need them, the whole process takes very little time to get sorted.
I have put 500mil aside for this all and if all going well this should net me 500-600mil in profit, as long as I dont sell anything too low.  This of course is very time dependant and I would need everything to sell before I manufacture anymore, so that may not make me a whole lot per week but enough should sell over the month to allow me to pay for my accounts in plexes which is nice.


On the PVP side of things, well I haven't really had much in the way of good fights recently.  I haven't really gotten online much this month so far due to some Uni projects needing to be finished and some other real life stuff.  I am getting a good amount of kills but far too many are ganks for my liking.

Hawk vs. Rifter, Thrasher, Punisher

This was probably the only good fight I have had recently, roaming around one of my usual routes.  Jumping into Dal I cross jumped a Thrasher, on the otherside a Rifter just landed.  I locked him up and began the 'Bait Dance' (Im flashy and in a frigate), with us yellow boxing each other and Punisher also lands on the gate.

Once he locks me up they both red box and the game is on, I make the early mistake of going for the Punisher first, he has a very strong tank.  I switch targets to the Rifter and start working his buffer down and he drops a lot faster, this was lucky because as I started to agro the Rifter the gate had flashed and in came the Thrasher to join them.  Luckily we were 20+ km off by this point so he couldn't stop his friend from esploding.
I now had a choice of the ships left, both had aggressed so there was to be no gate gun help for them.  I realised that the Punisher really did crap damage and I didnt want to risk leaving the Thrasher till the end so I went for him.  Settling into the usual 7-8km orbit he was dual webbed and it turns out he was arty fit, so once I had settled there was very little he could do to stop me and he popped too.
Credit to the Punisher for staying till the end despite his friends dying but once I got into my orbit, he wasn't going anywhere and as his DPS was so poor he stood no chance as he popped as well.  No idea where the sentry agro came from though.

Unfortunately that is basically it on the good fights over the last month, at least ones that I can remember the details relatively clearly on.  At least I fraps'd that.




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