Monday, 14 November 2011

RIP Korg Leaf

I have ISK!!!!!!

I sold my main(?) alt last night, basically he was my old main combat character but since moving to Tronix as my main he has been a little surplus to requirements and other than missions there wasn't much I could use him for.  He was mainly being used as a hauler which seemed a shame for the character I first went pirate in.  So I sold him and got a tidy sum for him (9b) which was more than I thought I would get.

Now I just have to decide what I am going to use the isk for, and my other account as well.  I wouldn't mind some suggestions on the other account front as I already have a hauler and my main earns me isk through manufacturing.


Vengeance + Comet Vs. Vexor

I haven't really been undocking a lot recently but when I do I seem to be able to find a fight quickly.  This was one of them.

After setting up my next set of inventions I undocked in my Vengeance and found a Vexor on scan almost instantly, after a quick check on d-scan I found him near the Dammalin gate.  Warping in at 0 I locked him up but was wary not to get too close, this was going to be a close fight as it is and I didn't want to give him or any possible friends he may have had an advantage.
Rather than fight on the gate though, he warped off to the nearest planet.  I followed and landed within scram range of him I locked and started to orbit as close as possible.  He was a sort off semi anti frigate fit, light neutrons being his gun highs but luckily for me there was no neut so with my nos running and the Vengeances high cap recharge I was tanking him fairly well.

At this point he dropped his high dps set of drones (2 Ogres, 2 Hammers and a hob) in the hope that it would force me off, this usually wouldn't bother me in my Vengeance but with my lowest resist being thermal and me being in a plated AC Vengeance for a change they were hitting me for some largish volleys.  So I began webbing and popping the drones.  This was going well but did highlight to me the vast difference between rocket launchers and ACs for killing drones as it took quite a bit longer to kill his drones than it usually takes me.  Eventually after working my way through his numerous drones, a friend came into system in his Comet and warped in to help finish him fast, after this it wasn't long till he popped.

We snagged his pod and this is usually where the pirate life starts to get interesting, I opened his info and saw he wasn't particularly old so offered him a 5mil ransom (He was old enough to possibly have some decent implants but not really worth asking for too much), he said he didn't have that.  Now usually this would have resulted in me sending him to the clone vat but I thought I would give him a second chance at ransom so offered him his pod for a joke or limerick.  Unfortunately after nearly a minute of waiting (I wasn't doing much else) he gave me a quote from Marcus Aurelius so I podded him too.

T1 Frigates are fun

Despite my new found wealth, I have rediscovered the fun of t1 frigates.  I suppose this means that money is going to last a loooooooooooooong time (barring faction fitting my t1 frigates).  I have already had some fun fights in them, but I don't think they will make a fun written story so luckily I have fraps'd them and I am sure I will get round to rendering them into a almost watchable youtube video at some point.

New alt

Due to no longer having an alt (other than the shitty sub-1m sp hauler alt I have already) I am looking for some suggestions of what to do with my other account, although I cant really be bothered to train for a mission runner (its too dull) or miner (its too dull) I would love some suggestions.




      1. You should expand your Korg army with your apre account :)

      2. Im going to turn Mole Station into a ganking corp for Hulkageddon so will probably make lots of Korgs for that :P

      3. Loki Booster alt like all the other "solo" fags :P

      4. how about a covops/hauler/trader? you can use him and that 9B isk for playing the .01 isk game to make a ton of money, and you could his covops/hauling skills to resupply you in low-sec/null, and you could use his prober skills to scan down sigs and wormholes.

        or maybe use the new alt as a spy to get into corps that don't require full api's...and maybe steal some stuff.

      5. Old post is old... but... Im the current owner of Mr Leaf and he stands at 65mil SP. I very much enjoy him after buying him in early 2012